Every NFT sold on our platform generates funding for
incredible charitable causes

If you’re an NGO or an artist that wants to get involved,
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How it works

Thanks to our community of artists, every NFT sold on our platform generates revenue for charitable causes of their choice. In addition to the awareness we bring together to the non-profit partners we support, we transparently donate 80% of all proceeds to them. The remaining 20% is shared equally between the artist and the FeelGoodNFTs platform. We have to emphasize the generosity of the artists who help make a change with their creativity and their work.

With FeelGoodNFTs, you finance a noble cause, you get something to show others that you care, and you get a unique and awesome NFT, which could itself be very valuable in the future.

You choose one NFT from an artist you like or a charity you want to support

You click on the collection; you are then directed to the marketplace where you can buy the NFT, which is a unique art piece

You receive and store your NFT on a wallet like Metamask

You may repeat the process and create your own collection!

You can sell your NFTs anytime. If you are lucky, their value could be worth millions!

The Artists


A true chameleon uprooted from who knows where between Flanders and Corsica, Philippe Vermeulen, his real name, was born in 1962 near Paris. He has been drawing since childhood, and his career has been enriched by many travels around the world, a life journey essential to his inspiration. He has become an alchemist of colors and an architect of lights and restores his creations on canvas, interpreted as “his new worlds”.

Fifax, a great admirer of Jules Verne, has created incredible machines capable of moving on land, on the sea, and in the air. These paintings aroused the curiosity of the prestigious edition of the Pléiade, and he was asked to illustrate the writer.

Newly installed in Lyon in the last year, the former Parisian continues to be inspired by the capital of Gaul. Arriving during the global confinement, his first source of inspiration was that of its inner courtyard. From the tiled rooftops strewn with foliage to the luxuriant vegetation, his creations draw from this backdrop to the variations of light that punctuate its paintings.


Born in Aix-en-Provence, France, Pascal Guibert works under the pseudonym LILLY. A former student at the NYC Academy of Art and a successful professional in advertising for 20 years, his passion for painting led him to open up a studio in Brooklyn and collaborate with many established American galleries like ROX, KRANE Gallery, and ARTEMISIA. In 2015, he signed with the LULU Laboratorium gallery in the famous art district of Wynwood, Miami. LILLY draws his inspiration by looking at famous and vintage paintings and images with a fresh eye, devoid of all judgment, giving us modern interpretations that spark the imagination.

Bob Tonic

The two artists and founders of Bob Tonic, Boris Boyadjian and Bruno Benchettrit, have spent the majority of their early careers in the world of marketers, specifically advertising. They understand the history and nuance of major current trends. However, their journey into urban art could be considered the antithesis of their old profession. A change of scenery that both artists consider refreshing and stimulating.

Bob Tonic’s vision embraces the counter-culture of the 60s: the protests, the explosion of consumption, and totally on the fringes of accepted societal norms, including the art world. It’s funny how today, in the 2020s, the fringes have become the norm.

And Bob Tonic wants to be part of this vast, well-cultivated field. Even when everything—absolutely everything—has already been seen and done in this great pop iconography, they said to themselves, “Let’s produce something.” And produce something they did, creating award-winning sculptures and art, working with popular imagery and artistic representations, and returning to the foundations of pop art.

Daisie Bakayoko

Daisie Bakayoko is a creative and wide-eyed 12-year-old girl who lives in a gold mining community in Djekanou. She eagerly entered Heart of Mine’s Image Creating contest knowing that she would draw something to reflect one of the main problems faced by her family and community: water shortages and access to clean water. She knew she wanted to draw something with an edge, reflective of today’s popular anime movement. The Heart of Mine team thoroughly enjoyed talking to her, and she captured all their hearts with her spirited take on what life really means. Congratulations, Daisie, you are truly one-of-a-kind!

Why use NFTs for Charities?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are basically digital tokens that authenticate you are the owner of unique digital goods that cannot be replicated. Digital goods can be visual art, music, games, or anything in an electronic format.

When you receive an NFT, it is one-of-a-kind or part of a limited series. Many people believe this is the way of the future, and some of these NFTs have become very valuable.

The team behind FeelGoodNFTs decided to use this technology to benefit Charities and Non-Governmental Organizations, giving them more funding options beyond donations. Because it is time for the philanthropic sector to embrace the crypto wave to attract visionary investors and supporters.

Instead of just getting a thank you note from a cause you support, you receive something you’ll be able to wear as a badge of honour that may increase in value over time.